Friday, February 20, 2015

This week was really long, but it was great!

Women's conference
We had her sisters conference this past week. It was awesome! All of
the sisters from the mission got together at the Mission home and went
to a bunch of different workshops together. It was all based off of
Elder Klebingats talk from conference.  President Calderwood talked
about being spiritually self reliant.  I think we sometimes forget to
build ourselves up spiritually just as much as we do temporally.  Our
spirits can be much older and wiser than our bodies, we need to make
sure we are helping our spirits to continue growing as we get older.
If we aren't continuing to grow our spirits, that is when the natural
man starts to take over.  President explained it much better than I
do, but it was a great workshop. One of the other speakers was Sister
Glass, a lady that lives here in New York that has a Im a Mormon video
made about her.  She felt abandoned as a child by her father and had
to learn how to forgive him. Her workshop with about Obedience and the
blessings that come from being obedient.  It was really good!

Mareike got baptized!
Yesterday Mareike got baptized! I got to go back to Lynbrook to watch.
She was so excited and this whole process has been really quick. She
started meeting with the missionaries in January, Developed a faith in
God, and was baptized on the 15th of February. It is amazing to me
that someone who has never had a belief in God can develop so much
faith so quickly.  Both her and James were so happy and their new goal
is to go to the temple in a year. They both told me that they are
planning on coming to visit me in Patchogue someday. That would be

Nicole came to church
When we came to this area we only have one investigator in our
teaching pool.  (We have a lot of finding to do) Her name is Nicole
and she is really sweet. She knows that the church is true but has to
work some things out with her husband before she can be baptized. But
she always return scriptures, prays and is getting better about coming
to church.  Hopefully things will work out for her so that she can be
baptized soon.

Service is the best
The past couple weeks it has snowed a couple inches each week. We have
had lots of opportunities to go shovel and provide service for people.
Today it is about 9° outside and the wind makes it even colder.
Hopefully it will warm up a little bit this next week.  On Valentines
sister Passey and I went and heart attack a bunch of people doors.
Little did we know the other sister missionaries had done the same
thing. So some people were just extra loved on Valentine's Day and
were heart attacked twice.  :)

6 months!
I hit my 6 month mark on the 6th so I get to go to the temple this
week!  Yayyyy!  I am so excited.  It has been so long since I have
been able to go.  The temple is such an amazing place, don't take it
for granted. That is my highlight of this next week :)

I hope this past week was amazing and everyone is looking forward to
this up coming one!  I know I am!  Thank you again for all of your
love and support.
Sister Beecher

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