Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sorry I didn't send out a weekly last week.  I will give a brief
update of both weeks.

Week of April 6-13th:
We started out the week by taking a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge on
Monday.  It was a lot of fun!  It was the first day we had really nice
weather here, so it was pretty crowded.  As we were taking pictures, a
family walked up to us and introduced themselves to us.  They are
members of this church back in Spanish Fork, Utah.  It was their
daughters birthday that day and her name was Kaitlin.  They were so
sweet.  I will add some pictures from this fun Pday.

We were able to meet with Kristina and Dorain this week.  Our lesson
with Kristina went really well!  She agreed to read the Book of Mormon
and pray about it.  She is searching for truth and the Gospel.  We
have a good feeling about her.

We met with Dorain for the first time.  She is fantastic!  She is from
Jamaica and is a Christian artist.  She asked a lot of really great
questions. For example, how do you integrate the gospel into your
family if the family is so important in your church?  we left her with
the restoration pamphlet to read.

We met Joe twice this week. Sister Hawkins found him when we were
fearlessing on the street. He is a little older and has one leg
amputated.  He is not very positive about life right now.   He really
likes to talk to us sisters because we are some of the only
communication he has throughout his day. He mostly just watch his
movies and read books. So we are trying to help him see the good in
life and understand how much happiness this gospel can bring him.

Week of April 14-20th:
We met with Dorain again, she is fantastic!  She read over the whole
pamphlet that we gave her and wrote down questions that she had about
it.  We read over the proclamation to the family with her and she said
she agrees with everything it had to say. She really likes that our
church is centered on building/strengthening families.

The next day we went to drop off the book of Mormon to Dorain and on
the way I heard a lady in a corner store say, " yeah, they have Elders
too."  After we walk past it I turned to sister Hawkins and said "did
you hear what that woman said?" she said she didn't.   But after that
I hear a voice behind us yell "sisters!"so we stopped and turned
around.   She told us her name was Shannon and that she was a member
of the church, but she hadn't been to church for few years. She asked
us if we were going in meeting at the women's shelter that was near
there. We told her we were not didn't know about it, she said it would
be a really good place for us to go and try and help some people.
Because we are women we would be able to get in.  We said that we
would look into it.  We exchanged information and had plans to meet
with her on Friday, but she canceled on her because she had to work.
So hopefully this next week we will be able to meet with her for
scheduled appointment. She said that she really wants to be coming
back to church so we are really excited we found Shannon. Or actually,
that she found us!

We also found out this past week that Dorain, our one progressing
investigator, is not actually in our area boundaries. :-(. So this
week we will be handing her off to the Richmond Hill sisters. We were
really bummed about that, but we know that she needs to be taught by
sisters in that area because that is where the priesthood keys for her
are held. Sadly enough we will not be teaching Dorain anymore. But we
have high hopes that she will be baptized!

I have felt like we need more service opportunities because we don't
have a set weekly service here in the city.  So one day before we left
the house I prayed that we would find some service opportunities
through out our day.  Boy did we ever!  At the train platform a
teenager threw up right in front of us.  Everyone ran away from her,
and I felt really bad.  She was so embarrassed and had it all over her
hands and shoes.  I dug through my purse and found a couple tissues
and a pack of gum to give her.   We just sat and talked to her until
the train came.  We didn't do anything big, but I know that that she
was very grateful for the support we tried to give her.  Nothing big
or miraculous came from this experience other than an answer to
prayers.  I asked for service opportunities, and through out the whole
day we were given many little ones.  I was so grateful for that little
testimony builder and the chance I had to serve.

I also met a lady named Latesina and taught her for the first time.
She is really sweet, has two girls and a 2 month old boy.  We talked
to her about God being our heavenly father and how much he loves and
cares about her family and is watching over them.  She seemed a little
distracted by her kids but she invited us to come back.  So we will
see how this next lesson goes.

We had 3 investigators come to church Sunday and one less active!  It
was amazing!  One media referral that we met once showed up.  It was
great!  It was also the Sunday I was giving a talk in church. Haha I
spoke about Elder Christofferson's talk called Why Marriage, Why
Family.  It wasn't my favorite talk I've given.  But oh well, it's

We also went and got Sushi at a super cool Japanese restaurant for one
of the ASL sisters birthday.  It was beautiful!  Each dish had a
picture drawn in the sauce.

Have a good week everyone!

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