Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some days are better than others...

The beginning of the past week has been some of the rougher days yet.
We have had a lot of negativity around.  Negative people, negative
situations, negative attitudes.  It was hard.  I felt like my
companion and I were not connecting like we use to and we were not as
open.  It's hard being with someone all day everyday.  I don't know
how you married people do it.  We are getting better and better...But
I know that the more we work on it and pray and serve each other it
will get easier.

But! One of the best parts of the week was when I got to see my MTC
district at the trainee meeting!  We got so close at the MTC and I
feel like we really understand each other.  I miss them all a lot.  We
got to chat a bit and of course take silly pictures.  It was so good
to see friendly faces from back in Utah.  They helped me feel a lot
better.  I hope I get to be in the same area as them someday.

I went on an exchange this week.  The Sister Training Leaders split up
with Sister Russell and I.  I stayed in Lynbrook with Sister Harris
and Sister Russell went to Little Neck.  Sister Harris is from Spanish
Fork.  It was a really good experience!  We only got lost a few times
with me giving directions. Haha  we had 3 lessons and they all went
really well!  We visited one less active who has cancer and hasn't
been to church in a few years.  She has only been a member for about 4
years.  She called us up one day and asked why she hadn't seen the
missionaries around for a while.  So we went to visit her.  She is
really sweet, but I don't know if she has a deep enough desire to
learn to really keep commitments.  I hope so, but we will see this
next week.  We also went to see a less active who hasn't been in
months because she went through a messy divorce about a year ago.  But
she came to church Sunday!!!

Sunday was Tanisha's baptism!  Yay!  She was sooo excited, it was
cute.  I asked her how she was feeling and she told me she couldn't
hold her excitement in anymore, like she was going to explode. Haha
before church started the Elders helped us turn on the hot water in
the font because the hot water comes out very slowly.  We came back
almost 2 hrs later and the water wasn't even a foot deep!  So the
Elders and Sister Russell and I grabbed a couple pitchers and started
carrying hot water from the bathroom sink Into the font.  It was
literally a sauna in there, so much for curling my hair. Haha  we sat
there putting pitcher after pitcher into the font during some of
Sunday school and all of Relief Society.  By the end we had probably 2
1/2 feet of water.  Then we had to start the cold, which came out much
faster to finish filling it up.  Over all, the water turned out semi
warm.  Goodness.  Then the man conducting the program decided to do
his own thing when Tanisha was getting dressed, instead of following
what we had planned.  He basically gave his own talk and then turned
it over for testimonies.  But it felt super awkward and no one was
getting up.  So I felt like I needed to fix this pickle, so I got up.
I talked about teaching Tanisha and the importance of baptism in all
of our lives.  Then we sang another song and went on with the program.
I wasn't planning on that.  We also forgot to bring towels for them,
but our superb Elders ran home and grabbed some right before the
program started. Haha but overall it was a success!  We only had a few
minor dilemmas and it all worked out in the end.

Just about on every corner here, you see people with what we like to
call "hobo carts".  They are basically mini shopping carts, but people
buy them at Walmart to push all of their "stuff" in.  Haha

I got to try legit NY pizza the other day!  It is super good!  And the
slices are HUGE.  One slice is 2/3rds of a little Cesar's pizza. I now
understand why people fold their pizza in half to eat it. Haha oh they
also have this place where you can get creamed ice.  Yum!  It is one
of the yummiest treats!  It's ice cream that has more ice blended in
with it.  It sounds really weird, but it is better than regular ice
cream.  It's not like a shake, or snowcone.  It's just different.  And
comes in about 50 favors!

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