Sunday, December 14, 2014

This week has been a roller coaster!

First off, I absolutely love the He is the Gift initiative.  This is
going to do huge things for the church, I know it!  We have been
knocking more, sharing pass along cards and showing the video.  Please
take the time to research this initiative and to help others
understand the true reason for the season.  If you are hesitant to
share the Gospel, this is a great way!  #SharetheGift  We already have
two new investigators from this initiative!  One of them is named
Junior.  We met him last week knocking.  All we did was ask if we
could share a Christmas video with him and then talked about it after.
I asked if he read the Bible and then told him about the Book of
Mormon.  He told us he would be willing to read it if we gave him one.
So we got his info and told him we would bring one by in a few days.
We called him this past week, set up an appointment for this past
Saturday and then went and met him.  Literally, a miracle happened.
We went to his house, sat down with him and read the introduction of
the Book of Mormon.  We told him of the promised blessings that can
come to us when we read and pray about it.  He said he would read it
all and pray to know if it was true.  Then he asked us how our church
differs from the other churches and we taught him about the
Restoration.  He said that makes sense and asked what you have to do
in the Mormon church to be redeemed/saved.  We briefly explained the
Gospel of Jesus Christ and as soon as I got to Baptism he said " yeah,
I think I am ready for that. I have been thinking about being baptized
and I think I found my church."  We were like, woooooow.  No way!  He
asked if we had strict laws in our church.  We gave an example of the
word of wisdom and the blessings that come from it.  He said that he
already lives like that and if he had to cut drinking at parties out
that was not a problem.  What!!  Then he ASKED us when and where
church is.  He is amazing!  And all we were doing was dropping off a
Book of Mormon, look what it turned into!  He wasn't able to make it
to church yesterday.  But he will be there next week!  We are so
excited.  President Calderwood always talks about trying to find the
"Pure in Heart" to teach.  Well, we found him!  We are meeting with
him again this next Saturday.

I also had to tell sweet sweet Melanie that we couldn't come back to
her house.  (It's where we got the bed bugs). That was really hard.  I
knew it was going to hurt her.  She agreed to just have phone call
lessons with us for now.  We had our first one yesterday.  It was a
little awkward at first, but I know that if we can invite the spirit
she will still be able to learn and progress.

But the most exciting news is that Emma is getting baptized
TOMORROW!!!  This has been such a journey for her and us.  But it is
happening, and she is on the plane over to New York right now!  We are
having the baptism at 8 in the morning and the confirmation at 7 in
the evening.  President Calderwood wanted to make sure that she could
feel the difference between baptism and confirmation, which is why
people who are over 8 are confirmed the next week at church.
President is also coming to both the baptism and confirmation
tomorrow, it's going to be so great! I am so excited for Emma.  I can
see the difference this Gospel has made in her life and how much she
has changed already.  I always tell her that she has taught me more
about this Gospel than I have ever taught her.  She is like a sister
to me, she is so amazing.

Overall it has been a wet, rainy, on the verge of snow type of week.
I've had a nasty cough, but all is well!  The work is moving along and
the Lord is blessing us.  Thank you for your prayers sent my way, I
love you all.
Sister Beecher

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