Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hola familia y amigos!

Well we went to visit Melanie again this week.  Came home after to
find a bed bug on Sister Colemans coat.  She kind of freaked, poor
girl it was her first time seeing one.  Then we had to go pick up the
Elders from an appointment (their car is in the shop) and on the way
home we hit a MASSIVE pothole.  The roads here are sooooo bad and the
lighting is very far and between.  There was a lot of loud noises and
then we pulled over.  But thankfully, both of the Elders had worked in
car shops previous to their missions so they knew what they were
doing.  After calling up the other set of Elders to bring us a tool we
needed, we finally finished putting the spare tire on by 11 pm.  It
was a looong evening and poor Sister Coleman is emotionally exhausted.
But we are getting it fixed today at PeP BOYS.

My favorite part of this week was culture night!  The ward met at the
church building and everyone brought something that represented their
culture. ( mostly just dishes, but I didn't mind) The beginning of the
program went through each country and someone would stand up and
represent that place, say a little about it and some people even
performed.  There were dances, songs, and even poems.  It was so cool!
 There are so many different places in my ward!  Then after all of the
performances we got to taste all of the food.  Holy cow was there a
ton of food!  It was so good!  Sister Savionón (she's from the DR)
taught us earlier in the day how to make a sweet bean drink.  It is
literally my favorite drink, and it is super easy.  I will try and get
the recipe.   Then after everyone ate and chatted for a while, the
party really got started.  The bishops son was the DJ and everyone
started dancing.  Utah needs to learn what real dances are like.  It
was so much fun!  The Bishops wife was teaching me how to bachata.  It
is a dominican dance.  Best. Party. Ever.

We have a couple appointments with members set up for Thanksgiving, so
we will not starve on Turkey day.  We also have the mission "turkey
bowl" where different zones come together to play football.  Our zone
leaders had t-shirts made for the zone with our nicknames on the back.
My district has nicknamed me Teacher Beecher, so that is what it says.
:)  I don't think I will actually get to play in the game but I will
be wearing the team jersey!

The work in Lynbrook is still pushing on.  Love this place.
Sister B.

Ps. I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but Emma is getting
baptized! She is coming here to Lynbrook to have it done.  I'm so
excited! Dec. 9th!

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