Friday, January 2, 2015

Tis the season to #SharetheGift

This week was amazing!  Christmas really does bring a special spirit.
Pres. Monson explains how I am feeling perfectly: "As we SEEK Christ,
as we find Him, as we follow Him, we shall have the Christmas spirit,
not for one fleeting day each year, but as a companion always." A lady
I talked to on the street told me that she acts differently this time
of year.  She is much more likely to talk to people on the street
(like me she pointed out) and look for opportunities to help others
during this season.  It seems like people are much more open to
hearing about the Gospel now than they were during the past four
months of my mission.  Miracles really are happening and it's because
people are taking the time to remember Christ!  Everyone can feel of
the difference the Christmas season brings, I just hope we can all
strive for that all year round.

Transfers were on Tuesday but thankfully I get to stay in Lynbrook
another transfer!  This one will be for seven weeks instead of six so
I will be here at least until the end of January.  We had a Zone get
to know you activity because of new the new transfer.  So we got to
meet all of the new people in the zone.  That was fun.  In my little
district, all six of us are "zebra pools".  In other words, each of
the companionships have two different language missionaries.  Elder
Hart was the only one to leave our district this past week and he will
be deeply missed.  The Elder that replaced him is from Washington UT.
It's a small world when you are Mormon and from Utah...

We met with Amber this past week and taught her the Gospel of Jesus
Christ.  The lesson went really well and she is now reading in Mosiah!
 We invited her to be baptized and she said she wants to learn more,
but eventually yes.  Yay!  She is awesome and I love getting to know
her better.  Amber is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  She
made Sister Coleman and I our own Christmas gift basket filled with
all kinds of treats, hot cocoa, a mug, a mini stocking (with a K on
it!) and cute card.  She is so thoughtful, I love Amber!

We had a ward Christmas party on Saturday which Mayra and Allison came
to!  We have been teaching Mayra and her daughter since October, this
was the first thing they had come to.  The first ten minutes she was
here almost everyone came up to her on their own and introduced
themselves.  It was so great!  The party was a blast!  They showed the
Nativity video, we sang Christmas songs, ate delicious food the
members made and then Santa came!  All of the kids got presents.  They
were even prepared enough to have one for Allison.  It was perfect.
Mayra has kind of been swaying back and forth lately about how she
feels about the church, so I'm really glad she made it to this.  At
the end of course, there was dancing.  :). This ward LOVES to dance.
It was a great night, I love these people and they inspire me so much.

The members have us all booked for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
They are so good to us.   So far this Christmas is one of my most
memorable ones.  I love caroling, sharing He is the Gift and helping
others to remember what this season is all about.  I hope all of you
take the time to remember our Savior and have a wonderful Christmas as
well!  :)

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