Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm a day late, but Happy Fathers Day!!!   As I am growing closer to
my Father in Heaven I am learning the importance of the role of a
Father.  I am learning of the patience, selflessness and love that a
Father needs to have to fully support his family.   Heavenly Father
has provided for us His family in every way.  I hope we all took some
time to give thanks to Him on that special day as well.
I also want to give a shout out to my Dad!  Thanks for all that you
have done and continue to do for me Dad.  I know I can always rely on
you.  Love you!

This past week was incredible!  I think it was possibly the craziest
week of my mission so far.  We were constantly on the go, I don't even
remember if we stopped to eat sometimes.  Haha

Monday:  We met with Heidi and her Mom.  It has been a few weeks since
we had a lesson so it was really good to see them!  The good news is
that Heidi is going to be here this summer.  The bad news is that she
may be moving in August.  So if she is going to make a decision the
best time is this summer.  We are going to talk to her tonight about
really committing to seeking answers.  She really likes this church
and believes it is true.  She is just nervous about how this will
effect some of her relationships with people.  Sister Hawkins and I
both have a good feeling about this though and know Heidi will want to
commit once she really understands the importance of this.

Tuesday:  We met with one of our other referrals named Zakiya.  She is
amazing and so ready for this Gospel!  She has had a lot of really
hard trials in her life and has had constant change for the past few
years.  I can tell that she is searching for stability and safety and
that is exactly what the Lord is offering to her at this point in her
life.  She understands that she needs to turn to God and let Him
direct her path.  Zakiya has a few people in her family that are
members and she can see the good this Gospel has brought into their
lives.  We are meeting with her again this next week.  We will be
taking Sister John with us, I think it will go great!
Tuesday evening we were suppose to have family home evening with the
Joyce's and Migdalia.  Well Midgalia ended up not being able to make
it, so we just had it with the Joyce's.  We played our board game with
their kids, it was really fun.

Wednesday:  We had our Zone Training Meeting.  It was all about using
Online Proselyting.  We are now back on facebook again so our mission
has had a lot of training in preparation for that.  It was really
good!  The Zone leaders asked me to share my experience about teaching
Emma online.  There were a lot of great examples and stories told and
the spirit was very strong.  Jen Blosil (a previous missionary here)
came and sang for us as well.  She has an amazing voice.
That evening we had a lesson with Sister Rodriguez and her son Chris.
We were teaching the Plan of Salvation.  It started out going alright
but the end didn't go very well.  We are going to try another approach
with them this week to see if it will go better.

Thursday:  We went to visit another referral named Karen.  Karen is a
very humble, sweet person.  She is a young single mother and is going
through a lot right now.  We told us about some of her spiritual
experiences leading up to this point in her life.  She is searching
for some happiness, direction and support in her life.  It is not a
coincidence that we started meeting with her now.  Love Karen!
Thursday evening we went to have a lesson with Sis. Lims friends that
she lives with. (Sis. Lim is a member from the Phillipines and is a
wonderful member missionary!)  We taught Aaron and Juliette the
Restoration.  It was a short and to the point lesson, but it was just
what they needed. We are trying to help them understand how this
Gospel blesses families as they are currently working on theirs with
their 3 year old son.  To be honest, we didn't even know if the lesson
was going to happen because Sister Lim just out of the blue asked him
as he walked by if he wanted to meet with us as we were visiting her
the previous week.  He said it would be fine, and he showed up!  It
was great!  Both of them took a Book of Mormon and agreed to read it.

Friday:  This day.  Well we had appointments with another referral,
Zakiya, and Noga.  But they didn't end up working out.  So we went to
the church to map out some addresses.  Once we got to the wifi we had
a huge surprise!  Our areabook said that we had over 45 new people
(media referrals) added to it!!!  What!  So our potential
investigators list doubled.  Then over the course of the day, every
time we sync to the system, we would have more.  By the end of the day
we had over 181 new referrals!!!  We were a little overwhelmed.  That
is a lot of people to look up and try to find.  The past few months
that I have been here we have gotten about 35 media referrals. We
probably get the most out of the whole mission, a lot of people here
order Bibles.  The thing is that all of those referrals are old media
referrals.  Going back to 2012.  Some have been contacted but the vast
majority, we are not sure.  So we have our work cut out for us!  It's
okay, there is destined to be a few people that want to be taught out
of all of this!

Saturday: We had a stake auxiliary training meeting.  It was great!
The stake president spoke first and then they broke into workshops for
each auxiliary.  We went to the R.S. one since none of our branch R.S.
presidency was there.

Sunday:  For gaining 7 new investigators, not a single one showed up
to church. :( That was a bummer, but it was still a great Sunday and
we got to help with the Young Women's lesson.  After church we met
with Karen again and got to meet her boys this time.  We took her a
children's Book of Mormon to start reading with them.  She has really
great questions and is very open minded.  This time we went into more
depth with her about what people the Book of Mormon was discussing and
about the first vision.
That evening we went over to Sis. Myers house and had family home
evening with her and her sons/grandsons.  Sis. Myers kids are pretty
spaced out so she has grandsons almost the same age as Harold and
Isaiah her sons.  So we were teaching 5 teenage boys.  Haha it was
fun.  We told them the story of the Restoration and then played
Farkle.( a dice game). If one of the boys Farkled then they had to
answer a question about the lesson.  Sister Hawkins had the brilliant
idea of putting commitment questions in there as well.  So we left
with one boy promising to read his scriptures for a week, one
promising to pray for a week, and one who is not a member committed to
come to church this next week!  It was a lot of fun and it really
helped the boys learn what this church is all about.  Sister Myers
then fed us a huge feast, she is so good to us.  To end, I had made
lemon bars for desert :)

It is amazing how the Lord prepares people and brings the Gospel into
their lives at the perfect times. I had this testified to me over and
over this week.  As we talked with these different people and heard
their stories, I could hear the Lords handing guiding them to this
point in their lives.  These are some of the most humble and kind
people I have ever met.  I feel so blessed to finally have steady
people to teach.  They are all so amazing too!

We'll have a blessed week everyone!  Enjoy your summer!
Sister Beecher

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