Thursday, June 4, 2015

Zone Conference is amazing!

On Mothers Day I got to see my family and Skype with them!  It was so
good to talk to all of them!  I love my family :)  the kids are
getting too big though...

On Monday we got to go to Presidents house to have our last Zone
Conference with him.  That was probably the last time I will get to
see President Calderwood and Sister Calderwood unless my companion or
I get transferred.  He only has one month left until he leaves and
President Reynolds comes in.  At the conference we had a bunch of
different workshops, lunch, a few more workshops and then a testimony
meeting.  The workshops were so inspired and just what I needed to
hear.  There were about: extending a baptism date, listening, having
short 20 minute power lessons, teaching with the Book of Mormon, using
the interactive pamphlets, taking a family name to the temple, and
praying in faith.  President Calderwood presented this to us as all of
our different tools in our tool belt.  Not every tool gets used at
once, but some combinations work better than others.  It was so good!
I love the Calderwoods and the powerful spirit that abides in their
home.  They have been such great examples to me.  I love their family.

Tuesday was our Pday this past week.  We didn't do anything really
exciting except get some bubble smoothies with the Elders and go in a
pet store.

We have started teaching a 16 year old named Heidi.  She is so sweet!
Her mom sits in on the lessons as well but she only understands
limited English.  She use to be meeting with the Spanish sisters but
they have had a lot of crazy things happening the past couple months
and haven't been meeting with the missionaries.  So we are trying to
teach both of them.  We have downloaded the scriptures in Spanish on
the Gospel Library App and are giving them a Proclamation to the
Family in Spanish this next week.  They have a relative who is a
member and they told us they noticed the difference it has made in his
life.  Heidi said that she can almost notice a different light about
him.  How cool is that!  She already recognizes that this Gospel
enhances the Light of Christ within us!  We are so excited to be
teaching them and hope we can get Heidi to church soon.

On Thursday Sister Hawkins and Sister Barker (ASL Sister) went to the
temple for their year mark.  So Sister Guris and I went on exchange
that day and I got to be in the ASL program for the day!  It was so
much fun!  We went and taught a member named Marcia.  At first she
wasn't sure what she thought about me, but then I showed her a picture
of me and Sister Passey (my old companion who knows Marcia REALLY
well).  She grabbed my iPad and started kissing it.  Marcia really
likes Sister Passey!  Haha after that she thought I was okay, even
though I didn't know much sign, all because I knew Sister Passey.  It
was funny.

We had our Zone Training Meeting this week as well.  It was also
fantastic!  There were some great workshops that helped me so much
with things that have been stressing me out.  I was also on exchange
with Sister Bowman (my Sister Training Leader/best friend from the
MTC) that day.  It was so much fun and I learned so much from the
training and Sister Bowman, it was a great day.

Church has still been a little chaotic because we are still never sure
which building we are meeting at each Sunday.  It has made it hard for
us to invite people to church because we are never sure where it is
being held.  This past Sunday we were in the East New York chapel.
But... none of the bathrooms were working so we only had Sacrament
meeting.  Haha oh man, I hope we get this figured out soon.  All of
the members are getting antsy.

It has been a good week, a little slow for teaching, but filled with
meetings!  I have learned many important lessons and received a lot of
inspiration.  Heavenly Father has a wonderful plan set up for this
area, and it is just beginning to unfold :) I am so grateful to be
here to hopefully help it happen.

Have a fantastic week!  I love you all!
Sister Beecher

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