Monday, July 20, 2015

July 13
So sorry family, this week I will not be giving a big weekly.  Our
Pday kind of got all flipped around last night so we don't have much
time for anything today.  Pres. Reynolds called...
Sister Hawkins and I are about to become a trio this week!  There is a
sister who is struggling that needs a new area, companion,
everything... They decided to send her to us!  She is just finishing
her training and is a Haitian Creole called sister.  She has only been
out a few months.  So now we are trying to figure out how to fit a
third bed into our little apartment and accommodate another body.  I
am excited though, this is going to be a great learning experience for
all of us!  This week should be fun, we have institute, family home
evening with the Campbells, and our youth game night (we are trying to
be more involved with the youth so we are starting a game/sports night
every wed.  We share a spiritual thought and then try to help them
fellowship one another by having some fun).  So hopefully she will
enjoy this week.  Also, next Tuesday is transfers.  Again!  This
transfer has flown by!  Sis. Hawkins and I are hoping to stay in
Bushwick together for one more, but I think that will all depend on
how his week goes.

As far as last week went, it was really good!  We didn't have too many
lessons, but we were able to teach some very important spiritual
lessons to a lot of the people we are working with.  I feel like EVERY
person we are working with is going through one of the hardest trials
of their lives right now and this week was a pivotal week for
everyone.  Please keep Zakiya in your prayers that she will be able to
make her baptismal date of Aug. 2nd.  (Also pray that Sis. Hawkins and
I will really be able to really help our trio sister this week). She
wasn't able to come to church this past week, but she has to make it
to the next 3 in order to be baptized.  She has good intentions to,
things just keep happening that are stopping her from coming.

Well I love you all.  Hope you are enjoying your summer and taking
advantage of the amazing opportunities the Lord provides for you!

Sister Beecher

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