Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Do all missionaries have to be attractive to go on a mission?"
- One of our investigators. That was funny.

The mission just changed how we find out about transfers.  We are now
called and told on Monday morning rather than Saturday if we are being
transferred or not.  Which means you pack your bags Monday and head to
transfer meeting Tuesday and your gone.  No more saying bye to people
on Sunday, which kind of stinks.  So today we got a lovely phone call,
and the verdict is... I am IN!  Which means Sister Passey and I will
be staying together in South Shore for another transfer!  Yay :) There
is a lot of work to do here still, so I am grateful we get to stay. :)

This week one of our investigating families had us over for dinner
twice!  Not necessarily because they are enthralled with the Gospel, I
think they just like the company.  The first lesson was a little rough
and I'm not sure they got a lot out of it.  So the second time we
decided to keep it short and sweet.  We read Alma 7: 11-14 with them
and talked about the Atonement.  It went really well and Rose was very
engaged in the conversation.  She asked why we don't have crucifixes
in our church and said that she likes that because she finds that part
of the Atonement too brutal.  Joe her son was even asking heartfelt
questions by the end. At the beginning of every lesson he likes to put
on a tough face, but by the end the Spirit helps to soften his heart a
little.  They say they want to come to church, so we hope that will
happen soon!

I have forgotten to update you on Emma!!  She is doing great and goes
to church every week.  This past week she got her temple recommend and
went to the Sacramento temple twice!  She looooved it.  She plans on
going to the temple every where that they travel to while on tour.
She is also counting down the days until she can get her endowments.
I love her.  The other exciting news is...ever since her baptism, her
Mom has been having the missionaries for dinner.  Yay! She is so
excited, we are so excited, life is good.  :)

Sister Passey got to celebrate her year mark this week by going to the
temple.  So for that day I went on an exchange with... Sister Russell!
 My trainer.  That was so much fun to be with her for a day.  She
hasn't changed too much, but we have both definitely grown in out
testimonies since we were together.  She is a good egg.

We also had ASL class this past Saturday.  We had a few people who are
not members come, so that was good.  We learned how to sign physical
characteristics this week.  Sister Passey is wonderful and has been
teaching me all kinds of new signs.  I love it!

Overall, the week has been good.  We did get to set up another family
mission plan and teach a handful of lessons.  We are excited for this
new transfer and for the new experiences that lay ahead.  Love you
Sister Beecher
These pictures are of the frozen bay.  It was gorgeous!

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