Sunday, March 15, 2015

My wonderful companion is so kind and is sharing her weekly summary
with my friends and family!  I've been trying to plan a bowling party
with the zone for one of the sisters birthday so I haven't had much
time today.  But dear Sister Passey is here to save the day!  I love
her.  I will just add a few things and second what she has said.
We had 4 dinner appointments this past week which is crazy!  It so
great.  We ask members if we can come over to set up family mission
plans with them and they offer to feed us.  It's pretty great :)
We also found a "frozen ocean"!  I've never seen anything like that
before.  I loved it!  We were doing some look ups in Mastic, drove
around the corner and BAM! There was the ocean. Sometimes I forget I
am living on an island.  I have always wanted to see what the beach
would look like when it was snowing, this is the next best thing.
Oh. ASL class was amazing!  I learned so much in such a short amount
of time.  By the end I could start to pick up a little bit on to what
people were saying and learned many new signs. I look forward to
learning more.
But like Sister Passey said, this week has been awesome and we have
seen many tender mercies.  The Lord is taking good care of his
children here in Southshore, we just need to help them realize it.
Has anyone had any amazing experiences with family history classes or
enrichment activities?  We are looking for some good ideas...
I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Sister Beecher

> Hello all you lovely humans!
> This week has been awesome!!! On Monday we went to dinner with a less
> active member, and she really needs to experience the church on the
> east coast. Because it is the same gospel, but very different kinds of
> people. And it would be very good for her. But it was very kind of her
> to take us out to dinner and it was some of the most wonderful Italian
> food I ever had. :-)
> On Wednesday, one of the families invited us over for dinner and help
> them set up a family mission plan. They made amazing food and really
> seem to have some desire to do missionary work. One of the things we
> work on with families is getting to the temple. And when we talked
> about that, the teenage daughter, said "well I need to go to the
> temple!" Apparently She's been trying to get there for a long time,
> but something always comes up the day of. And so we are pretty excited
> to help her get to the temple. Actually, that reminds me, one of my
> favorite parts about this Ward is that we get to work with the youth a
> TON! :) I love getting to be in young women's and being with these
> girls that really have these great standards because they have to. But
> they are each so good and so strong. :) But also in thinking about
> that, the youth leaders asked us to help brainstorm some good youth
> activities to help bring some unity to the youth and also to the Ward,
> so if anyone has any fantastic ideas, please send them my way. :)
> Thursday is always a nice day because we get to meet with 2 of our
> investigators. :) So Nicole is still progressing like a champ. She is
> flying through the Book of Mormon and has such a desire to do what is
> right and follow Jesus Christ. She's fantastic and she has the best
> stories. The other that we meet with are a family and Rose is the mom
> and she is so funny, but has a good heart. She actually read this week
> and then this Sunday before church she called us wanting to double
> check what time church was this week! She wasn't able to come because
> we got a good 5 inches of snow, but she's planning on it next week.
> And it sounds like her son, who said he is 'not interested' but always
> shows up and stays for the lesson and participates at least as much as
> his sister, would like to come too. So it's great! :)
> On Friday, we had an incredible opportunity to hear from Elder David F
> Evans and Elder Stephen Allen of the missionary department in giving
> us training for 'Becoming a Disciple in the Digital Age' and it was
> just wonderful. That's part of why we are taking a break from
> facebook, but  it was really wonderful because the point of this is
> not just to help and change missionary work here, but also to help us
> to better handle technology at home and make sure it is a tool and we
> are not slaves to it. :)
> And Saturday was just crazy. We started the studies but then got a
> call that we needed to help clean the church. But when we got there it
> had all almost been done! So then we had correlation and we had ASL
> class. It was awesome!!!!! I have missed using ASL SO much!!! And it
> was fantastic! We had a really great turnout too. So it's been decided
> that we'll do that every other Saturday and it'll be great. :)  So
> then we had an appointment with  family for dinner so we went to that
> and set up a family mission plan with them and then we had planned to
> set up a family mission plan with our Ward mission leader right after.
> So we headed over there and set up the plan with them, which was fun
> because they were beyond excited and wanted to do so many things. We
> helped them to set some achievable goals, but then they sat us down
> for dinner! That was a surprise... And it was all very good, but at
> the end of that night, Sister Beecher and I were about to explode! :)
> Two things that keep coming up in my studies this week are humility
> and discipleship. And really, they're super connected because you
> can't truly be a disciple without humility. And true discipleship
> fosters humility. As we humble ourselves and 'becometh as a child' we
> can be more devoted disciples of Christ.
> Well, I love you all dearly and hope you're having a fantabulous week!!!
> Sister Passey

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