Sunday, March 15, 2015

March?  When did March get here?

I can't believe how quickly the past 5 weeks have gone!  Transfers are next week!  Yikes!  Sister Passey and I are praying we can stay together in South Shore a little longer.  I had my 7 month mark this past week, that was weird.  I felt like I just had my 6th.  Sister Passey also had her year mark, so we went and got ice cream.  

We met two new ladies this past week.  One of them came to church with a less active we are teaching, so that was great!  Her name is Darby and she has a super cute little 2 year old.  We had an appointment with her for this past Saturday but she juked us.  So hopefully this next weekend we will be able to meet with her.  The other lady was found knocking by the Spanish sisters.  Her name is Sue and she is a (To quote her directly) " crazy, old, hippy lady".  She met with the Elders about 2 years ago. She came here from Chicago and has been on Long Island for quite a while with her family.  I asked her if she is very religious and she said she is "Spiritual".  She said that she would like to meet with us but is not going to convert.  So we will see what happens with her.  She has had some rough things happen in her life recently, so we are hoping she will come to understand how the Gospel can help her.  

We also went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders this past week.  I went to the Plainview YSA branch with Sister Pieper.  It was really fun!  We went to Family Home Evening Monday night and taught a few lessons on Tuesday.  Monday nightwas the "fondue party", so I got there at a good time.  :)  It was really fun to be back in a Young Single Adult atmosphere.

Nicole is still doing great and pushing forward.  She is amazing!  This past week when we went to go visit her she had read in the Book of Mormon from Alma 40 - 3 Nephi 6.  What!!!  She is on a roll!  She was so excited to tell us about her reading as well.  We are hoping that everything will work out for her baptism date in May.  Her goal is to have the Book of Mormon finished by then.  I think she is definitely well on her way to accomplishing that.  We also had Sister Hart the ward Relief Society President come to her lesson with us.  That was wonderful!  She explained what Visiting/Home teaching is and testified of the importance of it.  It was perfect.  

We had Mega Zone Conference this on Friday and we received our new iPads.  That was weird.  I did not leave on my mission expecting to come home with an iPad.  We are now doing a 12 week long training on our iPads.  Each week is designated a certain thing for us to study and explore to learn how to use it more effectively in our work.  This past week was the Gospel Library app and this week is exploring, and  If you haven't explored any of these websites, you should!  There are so many amazing tools and resources you can use at these sites.  I am learning so much from them!  I am excited to see how missionary work is changing with all of these technological advances.  We are the pioneers for "Missionary work in the digital age".  I have loved having an iPad to help with the work here and it definitely opens up the opportunities for missionary work.  I know this is a part of the Lords plan.  We are to live in the world, but not of the world.  By training this generation how to properly use technology and the internet on their missions, the church is creating a safety net for families in the future.  It is wonderful.  

This week it is finally warming up a little bit which will hopefully melt some of this snow.  Today it is in the low 40's!  It hasn't been that warm here for a long time.  All of the Long Islanders are saying that this is an unusual winter.  It usually snows a lot like this, but it doesn't stick around like it has this winter.  I have been very grateful to be in a car area!

Have a fantastic week everyone!  As my mission motto goes "Forever Changing".  I can definitely see the blessings that come from constantly striving for change and improvement in our lives.  I invite you to try and find something you can "forever change" about yourself this week!

Sister Beecher

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