Sunday, March 1, 2015

Time is flying...

I feel like February just started, holy cow!  This week was really
great.  I got to go to the temple last Thursday because it's my 6
month mark.  Yay!  It was wonderful and just what I needed.  The
temple is a place that can help any situation make sense and give you
a clear head to think.  It is amazing that God has allowed us to have
a place where we can help so many people, while being taught and
guided in so many ways for our own lives.
The crazy part is when I was leaving the temple.  I walked out and
heard "Sister Beecher?" and then I was enveloped in a large embrace.
It was Heather Childs!  One of my college friends who is here in
Brooklyn trying to get a job, was there at the temple!!  We sat there
hugging and crying for a minute, snapped a few photos and then it was
time to head back to the island.  But it was so wonderful to see my
sweet friend Heather!  Someday I hope to serve in Brooklyn, Heather
goes to appointments with the Sister missionaries all the time.  But
if not, that was a tender mercy to see her that day.

We got to skype Emma this week.  Which was really exciting because she
has been really busy with work.  We have only skyped a few times since
her baptism in December.  Emma is amazing though.  She has such a
strong testimony and should be getting her temple recommend soon!  She
is so excited to go do baptisms and is already counting down the days
until she can get her endowments.  We talked with her about building
her spiritual fortress and ways we can better "endure to the end".  We
used a really cool visual aid my brother Brad sent me for Christmas.
It goes along with some scriptures in Alma.   It was perfect and Emma
really liked the visual even though it was over Skype.  She is amazing
and continues to teach me new things about the Gospel every time I
talk to her.

Other news... Our "test" time for our iPads is over.  We are now in
the "training period".  Aka we return the iPads we have and they give
us new ones with more software and restrictions. I didn't plan on
coming home with an iPad.  In the beginning, I didn't even know I was
going to a mission that used iPads.  But I think it is amazing how the
church is teaching this rising generation how to correctly use the
Internet and technology.  They are teaching us to get in the habit of
using it for missionary work then sending us home with the tools we
need.  The world and technology is about to be hit by a powerful
spiritual force, get ready for it!  It's crazy!

As far as South Shore goes, we are still trying to work our hardest
and meet as many people as we can.  We have met the majority of the
active people in the ward and are currently working on setting up
family mission plans with them.  (They set goals for missionary work
as a family.)  I know that Pres. Calderwood was very inspired when he
started up these family mission plans.  They should help our
missionary work move along so much better.  The members will now be
working together to get referrals for them to teach WITH us.  It's
genius!  We have yet to find any Deaf people, but our fingers are
crossed.  There will be an ASL class taught by the missionaries
starting up in March.  Hopefully we can find some people that way!

This Gospel is amazing and I have seen the difference it makes in
people's lives.  I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have of my Savior
Jesus Christ and sacrifices he has made and continues to make for me
daily.  I pray that we all strive to make repentance a daily thing and
continue to change for the better.

Have a great week everyone!
Love you all!
Sister Beecher

Me and Heather Childs outside the temple

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