Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hey I will send my weekly Monday.  We went to a mansion and some
gardens today!  Here are some pictures.  Sorry I'm out of time.
Here is a quick update.
Life here is good.  They just took the family Ward away from us. :(
so that was basically everyone we were working with.  There are two
sets of elders in the Ward now.   Both are training, so our district
is super young minus Sister Cook and I who are at the tail end.   We
are trying to
come up with smart ways to find YSA.  Knocking doors and asking if they
are single and ready to mingle hasn't been to successful so far... We
sent an email to a college to see if we can come set up a table and
hand out stuff in their common area.  Invite people to come watch meet
the Mormons.  We hope this will work.  We will see.  This school had
one active member at it named Jeff.  And he is the star Quarterback.
Haha everyone's calls him their Mormon Quarterback.  So we figured
that might be a good place to introduce "Mormonism".

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