Sunday, November 29, 2015

The verdict is in!  We got our transfer calls this morning... But
before I get to that let me tell you about this past week.

On Tuesday we went and helped Tammy pack up and take some things to
the post office.  SHE HAS FINALLY MOVED!  Hallelujah!  That poor lady
needs to stop stressing so her body can heal.  She has a lot of health
problems right now, and they just kept adding up.  But she is now in
Florida, so that is good.

Wednesday. Well we were suppose to go to the temple again with Leyla.
But it didn't happen.  Her Dr. appointment went about 3 hours over the
planned time.  Yeah, that wasn't good.  So we didn't go.  Sister Cook
and I went to a teeny tiny Thai restaurant for dinner.  Haha it was
interesting, but the curry was good! Then we ran over to Estefany and
Lina's house for a short lesson.  ( they are from the DR)
We then hustled over to the church for a lesson with Luis before
volleyball started.  He is fantastic!  We asked what he remembered
from reading the introduction to the Book of Mormon and the pamphlet.
He started telling us about the Aaronic and Melchezidik priesthood,
the ordinances they can perform and the order of the church.  We sat
there with our mouths open in shock.  What!?!  He REALLY studied that
pamphlet.  Haha We then taught the beginning of the Plan of Salvation.
He understands everything so well and is so prepared for this, it's
amazing!  Then at the end, we asked him to be baptized on Dec. 20th
and he said YES!  He is so excited!  It took his girlfriend Mareena by
surprise, but she is happy.

Thursday we met with Alex again!  I met her about 2 weeks ago and she
has been crazy busy since.  But we were able to go and review the
Restoration and teach the Plan of Salvation.  She is amazing!  She
believes it all and really wants to be more involved.  She has 3 boys,
14, 6, and 3.  The little guy was sick Sunday so she want able to come
to church.  But!  We gave her a Baptism date!  December 27th.  We were
so happy!  2 in one week, whoo hoo!  God is on a roll!

Saturday we met an old investigator name Y'Majesty.  (Coolest name
ever right? Yes his mother did name him that.  His younger brother is
Infinite.)   Nick came with us, he's met Maj before.  Maj asked some
really great questions, he's a very deep thinker for a 19 year old.
He asked us what is something we are still learning or working on?
Spiritually speaking?  He also asked how we feel the Holy Ghost and
how that we know the feelings we have are from the Holy Ghost.  And
after we left he messaged us about the "curse and mark of the dark
skin" as mentioned in the Book of Mormon.  He has read bits and pieces
of the book.  We are excited to keep meeting with him.
That night we met up with Christina and Nina at Friendlys for some ice
cream.  We talked with Christina about how our trials we are facing
now are preparing us for the future.  How they refine us to become
more Christlike.  It was a really good lesson and she opened up a lot
to us.

Sunday Sunday!  It was such a delight!  For Sacrament, sometimes when
our group is really small they have us come sit up in the choir chairs
behind the podium so we are all closer together.  They called us all
up and then we had a kind of mini testimony meeting.  Bro. Sorressi
asked us to each say same thing we are thankful for and a way we have
seen the hand of the Lord in our lives this year.  It was wonderful!
The spirit was so strong as everyone talked about the reason for the
season.  Luis even bore his testimony about how God has been preparing
him for this moment for the past two years.  He's so great.
Afterwards, Luis told us how much he loved that meeting and how
amazing this church is.  That man is pure in heart!
After church the YSA branch was hosting a service project for the
older single adults.  We provided a Thanksgiving dinner for them!   We
even got into the spirit of it all.  Sis. Cook and I made stuffed
mushrooms and chocolate covered cranberries.  It was so fun!  I love
this branch so much.

Well. I guess that brings me to today. The Zone Leaders called and I
am out.  I will be leaving Plainview tomorrow.  :(  I'm going to miss
it a lot because there a lot of people I love here.  But I didn't sign
up to go where I want to go and serve with Sis. Cook my whole mission.
(Although I would love that.). So the Lord is taking me on my last
adventure, we will see where I end up!  I'm going to guess I'm going
back to Brooklyn.  Crazy!  I thought for sure I was going to finish in
Plainview.  Well we will see!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving everyone!  Eat lots of delicious food for me! :)
Sister Beecher

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