Sunday, November 29, 2015

Transfer 10 Begins...

My new companions name is Sister Cook.  She is from Cokeville, Wyoming
and looooves sports.    We do iNSANITY Asylum every morning for work
out.  She loves to work out, and I just feel beaten up.  But it's
good. :)  So far, we get along great!  She is a really hard worker and
is very obedient.  We work pretty well together.

This past week was kind of crazy and we didn't have much time to teach
lessons.  On Wednesday, the day after transfers, we spent a few hours
helping Shirley.  She is a 85 year old lady in the family Ward.  We
went and did her laundry, straightened a few things and shared a
message with her.  She is one of the boldest, most funny, old ladies I
have ever met.  After her house we went and had dinner with the Smith
family.  I love them!  They are one of the most amazing families in
the Ward.  They are always trying to serve other people and have us
over for dinner almost once a week.  This time they also had the
Smedley family over (another young couple in the Ward) and they made
enchiladas.  But a miracle happened when we were there!  Right before
we walked into their house my companion tells me that she was having
some really bad stomach pains.  She said she might feel better after
we eat so she wanted to wait it out.  After we had finished eating, I
could tell she was still in a lot of pain.  She whispered to me if we
could hurry and give the message and head home.  So we quickly showed
the families the website (which if you haven't seen
it, check it out!  The 1 minute videos are so powerful!) and talked
about sharing the Gospel with others in a simple, yet powerful way.
Then out of the blue, my companion says, "before we go, can I ask a
favor?  I am having some really bad stomach aches, can I get a
blessing?".  Bro. Smedley and Bro. Smith immediately consecrated some
oil and gave her a beautiful blessing.  It talk about healing her but
also helping our companionship to be united so that we can find the
souls that are desperately searching for us.  It was amazing.  Right
after we left to go home so she could rest, we were climbing in the
car when all of her pain went away.  Just like that!  She was
completely healed.  She felt so good that we were able to go teach 2
lessons and play volleyball with the branch two hours later.  The
power of the priesthood is REAL.  I have never seen it work so quickly
like that, but it truly is a force meant to fulfill the will of God.

We went to the Mission Leadership Conference on Friday from 10-5 and
have basically just been planning ever since that day.  Haha They are
really trying to push Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders to
council and coordinate more effectively about trainings and meetings.
So we have 3 different Zone Training Meetings we are trying to plan
for with the Zone leaders and 3 different District Leader Trainings we
help plan and attend in prep for ZTM.   We also set up our exchanges
for this transfer and all of the different things we need to do for
our Sisters.  Whew!  We have not really had a lot of time to do normal
missionary work yet. So hopefully after this week, after all of the
ZTMs are over life will go back to normal a bit.

Sunday went really well and I know that Sister Cook is definitely
meant to be here in this area!  We got to know every single member,
their families, their callings, and what their careers are.  It was
crazy but it really helped.  We are back to the finding phase with
both of our units, so we are trying to incorporate some plans on how
to get the members more involved in that.

Things are going really well here!  Busy as always but I love it. :)

Thanks again for all of the love and support!
Sister Beecher

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