Sunday, November 29, 2015

Meetings, Exchanges, More Meetings... Christmas!!

Our week started out fantastic!  We had exchanges with the South Shore
ASL Sisters.  I was lucky enough to get to go to South Shore with Sis.
Seay!  She is so great.  We taught a few lessons in ASL (I just
watched and tried to follow along.  It was so much fun!).  South Shore
has changed so much since I was there, so many good things are
happening and the field is ready to harvest.  I'm so glad :)

We exchanged back the next morning to quickly head to the mission
office for a Sister Training Leader Meeting with Sister Reynolds.
This was the first time we have had a meeting like this, but it was
wonderful!  We focused on Pres. Nelsons talk "A Plea to My Sisters".
This really is an amazing talk that help put into perspective many
characteristics traits that Our Father in Heaven wants us women to
have.  We discussed a lot about how we can help the Sisters in our
mission with the many trials that are facing us.  I am so grateful for
Sister Reynolds and the example she sets of selfless service.  We all
learned so much from her.
Once we got back from the meeting we headed over to Wednesday night
volleyball and found Sharon and her new boyfriend there.  Nick (our
new branch mission leader) was there as well and so we took this
opportunity to have a quick lesson with them.  Then half way through
that lesson, in walks Andrea, Joe and Charlie.  Yay!  Charlie came!
So we finished up and then stole Charlie for his second lesson with us
and the other Sisters.   (We had a set of sisters with us who have
been having a rough time lately, but had an "approved from President"
sleepover with us at our house that night.)  The lesson was going good
until Andrea and Joe barged into the middle of it quite loudly.  The
spirit then left the room.
Volleyball was great, we came home, stayed up too late with the
Sisters, aaaaand have been exhausted ever since.

We then had our Zone Training Meeting on Thursday morning, so we said
farewell to the Sisters and quickly planned a workshop for the
meeting.  After Zone Training Meeting we exchanged with the BayShore
Sisters.  I got to be with Sister Lamah again here in Plainview.  I
love her!  She is from Utah, but originally grew up in Africa.  We had
a crazy exchange, where all of our plans went wrong.  But thankfully
Sis. Lamah was really patient with me and we were able to make the
most of it.  We stopped by Tammys house in the evening for dinner.
(She ordered Chinese take out for us)  Tammy was NOT doing well.  Her
health had definitely gone down and we were really worried.  We ended
up just hurrying to eat, clean up, and put her to bed.  (We had to
half carry her).  Poor Tammy :(

Friday was interviews with President Reynolds!  Sister Cook and I had
our interview together first and then had our individual ones.  I
talked a little bit with President about preparing to return home.  He
told me to make sure Im creating the righteous patterns and habits
that I want through out the rest of my life now.  I can see the
importance of daily scripture study, pondering, and taking the time to
listen to the spirit.  But as I thought about this, it made me think
of how I am preparing to return back to my Heavenly home.  Do I have
all of the habits and desires needed for when I leave this mortality?
There truly is no time to waste in this great work.  There really is
so much that needs to be done and prepared for.  What a great
dispensation to live in!  #Alma5:27-29
Can I just say, I love President and Sister Reynolds.  Seeing the way
they have helped so many Sisters over the past transfer has been
amazing.  They have been such great examples to me of diligent,
loving, humble service.

We were suppose to have another exchange after interview, but it ended
up being cancelled.  Sis. Cook and I were so tired... It still hasn't
went away. Haha
We then went to the Smith families home for a chili dinner.  It was
wonderful!  I love the Smiths, they take such good care of us.  We got
to play with their daughters for a few minutes while dinner finished,
it made up for some of my niece and nephew withdrawals.  :)

Saturday morning we met with Nick to have our Coorilation meeting.  He
is so good at this calling!  Especially for a new member too.  We came
up with a game plan to start a 40 day fast in the branch and do a
social media challenge.  This is just what this branch needs right
now!  All of the summer sales guys have left and our numbers are
really dwindling.  Sis. Cook and I both have a good feeling that the
work is about to explode here.
After the meeting we drove to Terryville for Zone 10s Zone Training
Meeting.  It was so nice to see 8 of the sisters there.  We don't see
that zone too often, at least not this transfer.
We then hurried back to our home to have dinner with the Westbury
Sisters. :)  Panera Bread and homemade Acai bowls!  Best. Meal. Ever.

Sunday was delightful!  The less actives we have been working with did
not show up, so that was a bummer.  But it was still a great day!  We
met with Paris (she is a recent convert that just moved into the
branch) for the first time.  She is so sweet!  She is doing an
internship for a magazine company in Manhattan.  We then ran over to
Andreas for our Sunday night lesson and found Charlie there as well!
Yay!  We layed out our plan of salvation figurines and had a great
lesson with them.  Charlie is a little shy, but he is slowly warming
up to us.

Monday for family home evening we gave the spiritual thought.  It was
fantastic!  We wrote MERRY CHRISTMAS on the board with all kinds of
embellishments.  We even plugged in our mini Christmas tree for added
flare.  Then... We introduced the 40 day fast because, there were
officially 40 days until Christmas from Monday!  (Of course we won't
make people fast on Christmas and thanksgiving so the fast will go a
little past Christmas.)  Sis. Cook and I are SO excited for Christmas!
 We have been singing Christmas songs every day for the past few
weeks.  There is also going to be a new Christmas initiative (anyone
remember the He is the Gift video??) coming out at the end of
November!  Soooo excited for that!!

Well the reason why I am emailing you all now instead of Monday is
because we had our preparation day today this week.  Because... Leyla
is going to the temple with us today!! :)  we are so excited.

Transfers are next Tuesday.  We will see what happens next week!
I think this email has been long enough... Haha
Love you all!

- Sister Beecher

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