Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles!

It was a rough week, but Heavenly Father has been so good to us!

Our week started out pretty crazy.  We ended up doing an emergency
exchange late Monday night to help some Sisters.  Then the next day we
went on another exchange with some sisters who are also having a rough
time.  Theeeeennn....the next day we went on another exchange.  These
sisters are struggling as well.  Every one is just having a rough time
right now!  I feel like by about week 4 in the transfer the pressure
really starts building in companionships.  But all of these
companionships have a common denominator... Communication.  Ya know,
words can be really hard... To express, to pronounce, to spell, all of
the above.  But they are usually what can make such a big impact on
others.  I mean, it is through The word of God that we will be safely
guided through.  So what are our words doing for others??  Sis. Cook
and I have been pondering this.. Haha

The best new of the week is what happened when Sis. Cook and I were
back together on Saturday.  Andrea, our recent convert who we have
been having a hard time meeting with texted US and asked for a lesson.
And she said that she would have a friend there.  So we went to
Andreas house in Huntington and met Charlie.  He is sooooo great!  He
is a big, black, football player and he is fantastic!  He has been
going through some hard things and is searching for some hope, light
and truth.  Thank you Andrea for pointing him towards us!  We taught
the Restoration and the spirit was so strong!  Usually Andrea and
Joe(her boyfriend) are somewhat distracted during our lessons.  But
that night they were so absorbed in the lesson, it was a miracle!  We
invited Charlie to be baptized and he said that he would definitely
consider it.  He has been so prepared for this step in his life, it's

Then at church yesterday, we had a ton of extra people there!  We had
3 new move ins (one being a priesthood holder which we need.  Another
is a recent convert we can teach.), and 2 investigators there!  One of
them had been once before about a month ago and he other is one of the
members boyfriends.  His name is Luis.  He is so great!  During Sunday
school he was so involved in the lesson and completely understood
everything.  We asked him after if he would like to have us teach him
more and he said yes!! Plus Christina came to Sacrament with us in the
Family Ward!  She hasn't been for years, so that was a huge step.  It
was such a great day at church.  We also went and had quick lessons
with Amalia and Jr. that night that they both set up.  We had been
stressed the whole week that we wouldn't reach our goals because of
all of the exchanges, but Heavenly Father prepared a way this week!  I
am so grateful.

Tonight Charlie should be coming to Family Home Evening, pray it goes well!  :)

Love you all, thank you for all of your support!
Sister Beecher

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