Sunday, November 29, 2015

My companion Sister Cook and I decided to tell you about our favorite day this week.  It was a week of madness, too many meetings, lots of exchanges, and amazing testimony building moments.  The text below is about this past Wednesday.

Oh my heavens! The restoration is true! It is the good news! Joseph smith IS a prophet of God. And because of this incredible outreach God had to his children our lives have been changed!!!! Our lives have been changed!!!!!! 
Here's what happened. First, let us review a few things.  Our lives are completely crazy. We like never have time to set up appointments and other schedule things because of our other responsibilities now.  So we have this amazing ward mission leader.  He actually sets up appointments with people and finds members to come to the lessons.  Well tonight we had a lesson set up with a recent convert, leyla. We love leyla. Zach, the mission leader, had been trying for the past 3 days to find someone to come to the lesson with us. No success. So he rescheduled the lesson for Thursday and then set up another lesson with a different recent convert instead, Andrea.  He then somehow found a member willing to come to Andreas lesson last minute.  Then all of a sudden we had another recent convert less active, Nick, text us and ask if he could have a lesson that night! Of course we said yes! Of course that's why leylas lesson didn't work out and had to be moved! So we had to hurry and find a female member to come to that lesson right away. And since it was definitely gods will, we found a member willing to come right then! Wow! Amazing how God works especially how he is filling our time for us when we feel like we don't have the time to plan it our selves! This work is sooooo true!!!!!! Thank you Heavenly Father for taking care of everything!!!!!! 
Okay. So then bring it back to earlier this day. We had a zone training meeting! We learned about how to really study and apply preach my gospel and WHY! And HOW! Incredible! So we focused a lot of the restoration and it's good news and how this blesses our lives so much because it's sooooo true and the GOOD NEWS! This is the great and marvelous work! And we are PUMPED TO SHARE IT! Like.... This is stand on the chair kind of material to share! So with this good news we knew Heavenly Father needed us to share it with nick. And so our heads were just exploding with the restoration material before nicks lesson! We met nick at the church. Sat down. Prayed. Then went ham as we testified.  Then our member present testified of everything nick was going through, she also went through but how she overcame because of the good news.  Nick was like "wow. You couldn't have chosen a better person to bring to this lesson."  Hashtag thank you spirit! So then as we testified of Joseph smith and the Book of Mormon scriptures we were all kind of awestruck by the spirit.  Practically almost in tears.  By the end of the lesson all nick could say was "I'm so grateful. I'm so so grateful."  We ended with a song "I know that my redeemer lives" and all of us were just like "wow"  then we got on our knees and prayed.  We left the room, looked at our watch, and realized that entire most spiritual lesson EVER happened in 15 minutes. Done. (When Preach my gospel says short powerful lessons of like 10-15 minutes long...they mean it.  It totally works! Glorious!!!!! Life changing!) Then we had to go find Andrea to teach her! And the member present that was supposed to come join us for that lesson actually went and joined the elders for a member present lesson with a new investigator, Andreas boyfriend, and it went perfect.  Everything worked out. A
We then had a different member all of a sudden appear to come to Andreas lesson and we all lived happily ever after.  The end.  Talk about some divine intervention.  Fist bump to Heavenly Father! Thank you Padre celestial! (: 
With love, 
Seesters Cook and Beecher (: 

My Bushwick Hermana is now on the island!  Hermana Gonzalez and I at the end of our exchange.

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